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Addict: a person who cannot stop doing or using something, especially something harmful

Cambridge Dictionary

You are not a sex addict

Are compulsive and obsessive sexual behaviours a bad habit that you need to control, or is it a compulsive obsessive disorder? In other words are your behaviours just the symptom of a deeper problem and they actually provide escape from your chronic pain? If it’s something that you can stop somehow then you’re in the wrong place, you are not an addict.

If you can stop by using therapy, religion or attending meetings, you are not an addict, good luck. If you can’t stop no matter what, then we can help, it always works but few people are willing to do the work necessary. The instructions are simple but require commitment and self examination necessary.

Sex addiction is the worst. Long term recovery and sobriety from sex addiction is much more elusive than that of substance based dependency. Sex addicts are powerless over not only their “acting out” behaviours, but also their thinking at certain times. Progression of these thoughts and behaviours over time is what distinguishes a sex addicts from normal sexual people. This craving to cross new lines with acting out experiences happens with full knowledge of the consequences experienced from previous events. Sex addicts act out not out of love, intimacy or procreation, but to escape the horror of their feelings.

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