You are not a sex addict

Are compulsive and obsessive sexual behaviours just a bad habit that you need to control, or is it a compulsive obsessive disorder that surges up time after time despite your best efforts to suppress it? In other words, are your sexual behaviours and fantasies actually the symptom of deeper stress and chronic pain?

If you can actually stop acting out your sexual and love fantasies… then why are you here? If you’ve successfully stopped, write a book and live free of this serious mental illness, you are not an addict.


If you can stop by using therapy, religion or attending meetings … or reading books… you are not a sex addict, good luck and have a good life.

But If you can’t stop no matter what you have tried, then we can help. The SAA Twelve Steps program always works but 95% are not actually willing to do the work they demand.

These instructions are simple but require commitment and very uncomfortable self examination. They require you to face the pain that the addiction protects us from. The 5% who become sober always suffer from more pain from the consequences of acting out than from their trauma and stress. 

These desperate sex and love addicts finally actually deal with their personal trauma and pain. They actually change their life according to these twelve steps to the point that their body doesn’t need to take control from the brain and pleasure itself and live better lives free of the overwhelming and unconscious urges that make us passengers in our own bodies.